What’s New? Upcoming update from Call of Duty mobile. (New events and Content)

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With call of duty in its third season they are ready to bring some new content to the table as the said earlier in a tweet on Twitter that we have so much content that it would take 2 years to implement all. So there is no shortage of anything or any new content on call of duty mobile

We may have some rumours on what may arrive on Call of Duty Mobile franchise in the near future. One thing is sure that they are all working towards a better game and gameplay for all the players, updating games everything week with community updates, testing their new game content with test server.

Test Server are used to test all the new content like the new game mode, new guns that may arrive in the global version after some bug fixing and testing. this test version is uploaded by the Call of Duty official accounts on their Twitter or discover subreddit. This links to downloads can be found on our website if you follow us. Desawar brings new updates new year motion content with some bugs reporting option so they can fix the bugs right on the spot.

What new things that may arrive?

  1. New Weapons
  2. New perks
  3. New maps
  4. Prestige system
  5. New characters
  6. Bug fixes(balance changes)
  7. New skin (obvious)

1. New Weapons

as the PC version of quality mobile has large amount of weapons and equipments so will the call of duty mobile but not that fast it would take a round lot of months to get all the guns in the mobile version but these are the things that we think that may arrive in the upcoming new updates in season 5 or 6. Now keep in mind these are all rumours and not the official report or news. All the new weapons have a little possibility of arriving in the near future. We cannot give any guarantee that these weapons would arrive hundred percent confirm in the game.

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