Dog bites snake on cycle & owner dies

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Yesterday in South eastern part of San Diego California a wierd incident took place. A dog bites a snake on cycle and owner died.

as of everyday Michel Rofferson was about to leave for college. He done every work of house and was about to leave for college.

Suddenly he remembered that his dog was sick and went to see him. As soon as he reaches the backyard of his house he saw the dog was quite excited an wants to play with owner.

when he got near the dog he observes that his dog want to say something. The dog was acting weird that day and started barking loudly. Moreover, he started jumping and running once the owner set him free.

He just frees the dog from the collar belt and feels a sudden push by dog. The dog was sniffing around and he got some smell. And he started following that smell of some unknown thing.

But there was a problem.

As the dog starts sniffing stuff in backyard the owner got some sense that something is not normal and something bad is about to happen.

so, he just thought that what if he ties the dog to the dog house again. and he rushed for that with collar belt in his hand.

The dog was trapped inside the backyard as the wooden door was closed and due to that dog was unable to follow and explore that weird smell. So he tried to run and hit the door to unlock it. But as the door was too strong to be destroy by a dog it didn’t open.

After this incident, the owner went through a high level of curiosity and wanted to know what happened to dog. He was so curious about thies unexpectable behaviour of dog. And in this confused state of mind he just made his decision.

he wanted to know what happened to the dog and why he was acting so surprised. So to get his answer he came near the bulk and heavy wooden door and wanted to open it. While doing so he reached the door and opened it.

He got an unexpected surprise

Opening the wooden door was a bad decision of his life which acted deadly on this life. The dog was waiting to be free and chase that unfamiliar smell which was calling him to come near it. When he saw that door is open and now he is free to see the outer smell.

So as he rushed toward the wooden door and he was about to cross it he got an instict that his owner is trying to catch him. He just dodged him and ran out of the fense.

His nose got him near the cycle of owner. The owner had a red bicycle on which he was tripping for college and back to home. As the dog got near the cycle he found out there is an unknown friend waiting for him and he stunns like a statue.

In this time the owner also followed the dog and caught up with the dog. Once he saw what was on cycle he got shivering running from his bones to his head. There was a 7 feet snake waiting for him.

While he was watching this incident happen ahead of his eyes there was one more event that made him freak out. His dog just jumped on the snake and bites him. Now this whole incident made him fear for his life. Now the boy was running to seek help from the neighborhood.

The deadly incident that costed his life.

the owner was trying to get help so that he could remove the snake from his bicycle. And while doing so he started running in neighborhood. When he reached the road while running a garbage truck hit him and crushed him under tires. Now the owner was dead but safe from the snake !!

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