World’s hardest battle to win , 300 movie is inspired by this conflict

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300 Maratha Vs 15,000 ADILSHAHI troops 300 movie is based on this conflict

This incident is proof that the human is capable of doing things that seem impossible , unrealistic . But the legendary warriors that fought this conflict proved it and they are a glorious gem on their own they fought for freedom , their motherland , their god & their Savoir king ( chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ) . They were the shield that prevented adilshahi troops from capturing Shivaji Maharaj .
So I won’t take your more time , Let’s start …..

Conflict of Pävankhind was a back guard battle and a Last Stand that happened on July 13, 1660 at a mountain go in the locale of post Vishalgad, near the city of Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India between the Maratha sardar Baji Prabhu Deshpande and Siddi Masud of Adilshah. The Marathas held the Adilshahi powers till Shivaji showed up at the fortification Vishalgad. The Adilshahi powers were 15,000 in number against 300 Maratha light infantry.


Shivaji Maharaj vanquished Adilshahi officials of capability in a consistent movement. Along these lines Adilshah as last measure pulled all of his advantages and sent Siddi Jauhar on the endeavor against Marathas. All the while he made correspondence with Mughals to ambush Shivaji Maharaj. In like way, Shaista Khan ambushed from Northern side towards Pune.

image : chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj with the great Bajiprabhu deshpande , in pawankhind

Pavankhind as it is today – significantly progressively broad

Siddi Jauhar laid the assault to Panhala stronghold. All undertakings to raise the assault were failed. Shivaji Maharaj’s senapati (Commander) Netaji Palkar couldn’t get past the assault from outside. Subsequently Shivaji decided to give a last battle. Regardless, as opposed to foolish ambush, he followed a substitute methodology. A phenomenal escape was expected to give a battle from the fortification Vishalgad.


Association of Adilshahi powers

It contained picked mounted power of Adilshahi which was eminent under the request for Siddi Jauhar helped by Siddi Masud and Fazal Khan.

Jasvantrao Dalvi of Palavani and Surve of Sringarpur had laid assault to Vishalgarh.

Structure of Maratha powers

Shivaji was helped by his Sardar Bajiprabhu, Jadhavrao, Bandal and some more. In any case, the light infantry powers were obliged around 300. They included hardened hikers of maval region who had remained certainly unconquered till that time.

Improvement and struggle of forces

Siddi Jauhar had laid the assault around Panhala well for sure, with most extraordinary thought. Directly off the bat, Shivaji sent his vakil to Siddi Jauhar saying that he was set up to sign a course of action with him. Siddi Jauhar and his military right now up a piece, foreseeing that their assault proceeding for a serious long time together was going to end. Taking everything into account, beating the assault of around 10000 Adilshahi warriors gave off an impression of being unimaginable.

Statue of Shri. Bajiprabhu deshpande

According to the course of action, on the dead of the full moon night, Shivaji experienced the assault close by some place in the scope of 300 men, drove by Bajiprabhu Deshpande. They were amazingly productive and were speeding towards Vishalgad. Right when the enemy came to consider Shivaji’s break from Panhala, they sought after and got some piece of his fighters. The got master wound up being an impostor of Shivaji. He was a beautician, named Shiva Kashid. This valiant repentance gave the getting away from Maratha oblige some breathing space.

Plaque to praise the path to Pavankhind

The foe started the interest without a doubt, drove by Siddi Masood, youngster in-law of Siddi Johar. By then, Shivaji had shown up at an imperative region, Ghod Khind (Horse Pass), an abyss. It was slender so as to pass only a few contenders in a steady progression. Bajiprabhu Deshpande, a valiant general close by 300 of his Bandal sena, took the circumstance to secure the go till Shivaji showed up at another fortification, Vishalgad.

Shivaji Maharaj ambushed another assault at the base of stronghold Vishalgad with such power that it was broken. Meanwhile, Baji Prabhu, his kin Fulaji and Sambhaji Jadhav viably ensured the go with 300 warriors. They were mortally harmed, warriors of Siddi Masood were stunned by observing those 300 officials depleting strongly yet fighting barbarously with swords in two hands they continued engaging and gave up exactly when they heard the sound of firearms affected by Shivaji from the post, showing that he had reached safely. The pass is as of now known as Pävan Khind – The Sacred Pass. In the wake of crossing point the pass, the enemy attacked chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj at Fort Vishalgad. Regardless, again they were fiercely beaten by Rango Narayan Sarpotdar, chatrapati Shivaji’s young authority on the Fort, and rebuked with overpowering mishaps.

vishalgad ( fort ) and the pawankhind (valley where the actual war fought


The sword of regard was given to bandal
. Chatrapati Shivaji really visited the spot of slaughtered Baji Prabhu, orchestrated in the town of Kasabe Sindh close Bhor in the Pune district. His senior youngster was expanded business open door as leader of a portion. Other 7 kids were given regard of the Palkhi. Offspring of Slain Sambhaji Jadhav, Dhanaji Jadhav was enrolled in the forces.

Result and Legacy

This was the last noteworthy battle between Adilshahi forces and Marathas. Starting now and into the foreseeable future Marathas were seen as a free power. The repentance of Bajiprabhu Deshpande and Shiva Kashid is a legend in itself. For sure, even today youngsters trek on the course taken by chatrapati Shivaji between the strongholds of Panhala and Vishal Gadh. The division is around 70 km.


The hard and fast misfortunes of this battle was 3,000 on Adilshahi side and 300 on Maratha side . The deaths can not be compared but still Maratha Army dealt 10x damage to adilshahi forces . It was like every Maratha soilder killed 10 adilshahi troops before martyrdom.

These 300 warrior fought for their land without caring for their live or future of their families , they sacrificed themselves for the better future of motherland .

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