The mystery of Sadashivrao Bhau peshwa:

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Hi users! Anyone has watched the movie “Panipat”?. the third panipat battle of Afghani and great Marathas. Today you are going to know about the legend of India “Sadashiv Rao Bhau Peshawa”. Peshawa started working for Maratha empire under the king shahoo (the dynasty of chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj) Arjun Kapoor played role of Sadashivrao Bhau in panipat movie. We all know Sadashiv Bhau died in panipat war. But some villagers who lives near panipat says that Sadashiv Bhau was alive after panipat war. And he spend his life in panipat village. Today we are going to solve this mystery. So let’s begin!

Sadashivrao Bhau Peshawa :

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Sadashivrao Bhau was born on 3 August 1730. He was the son of chimajji Appa (Younger brother of bajirao peshwa) and rakhmabai. He is a nephew of bajirao peshwa (bajirao peshwa shown in the movie bajirao peshwa). He is the sardar senapati (commander in chief) of Maratha army in third battle of panipat). His father was died when he was ten years old. And his mother was died when he was barely month old. He was cared by grandmother radhabai and aunt kashibai. He was trained in satara to become a peshwa. Sadashivrao Bhau and Maratha almost won the third battle of panipat against Afghani but due to betray they lost the battle.

Ahmad Shah Abdali :

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Ahmad Shah Abdali is the founder of durrani empire in Afghanistan. He started his career in afghani army. He came to India to win Delhi. There is no one in India, to defeat the Great Marathas. Therefore, mughal invited Ahmad Shah Abdali to defeat the maratha.
Abdali was so close to the king of Afghanistan. After the death of king of Afghanistan, Abdali became a king.

Third battle of panipat :

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The third battle of panipat took place on 14 January 1761. The third battle of panipat can be avoided, because the brother of Ahmad Shah Abdali Sarfaraj has taken the gandhar, Afghanistan. So, Abdali wants to go back to gandhar. he requested Sadashivrao Bhau to give the Delhi to Abdali and he will return to Afghanistan without war. But Sadashivrao Bhau didn’t agree. Bhau don’t want anyone who came from outside of India and wants to rule on whole India (Delhi was the center of India that time to handle). Therefore, Bhau choose the war. Bhau was so clever in war. He didn’t loose any battle in his life. He easily won the battle of panipat, but due to betray on him, he loose the battle which is close to victory. The Afghan army of Ahmad Shah Abdali was supported by three Indian alies –

  1. The rohila Najib-ud-daula
  2. Afghans of the doab region
  3. The shuja-ud-daula, the nawab of awadh.
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Maratha empire has cannon expert Ebrahim Gardi. Who started the war on the order of Sadashivrao Bhau. He also died in the third battle of panipat. Nanasheb peshwa sent force from behind to support the maratha in the battle of panipat. But the force came when war is over and Abdali won the battle. In some next years, Martha won the Delhi again. After 8-10 months, Ahmad Shah Abdali sent letter to Nanasheb Peshawa tells that he didn’t see any legend like Sadashivrao Bhau peshwa in his career and abdali wants to go to his nation Afghanistan. After that, Abdali never returned to India again.

Mystery of Sadashivrao Bhau :

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Sadashivrao Bhau was died in the third battle of panipat. The body of Sadashivrao Bhau was found three days after the war. Parvatibai is the second wife of bhau. But the wife of Sadashivrao Bhau is not agree on the news of Bhau’s death. And also his body never returned to the Pune. Panipat is the village name. The villagers tells that the Sadashivrao Bhau came in this village from the war. And spent his life in this village. In that village, there is things of bhau. Also there is idol of Sadashivrao Bhau. Villagers also claims that bhau take renunciation and stays here. Also there is bhau’s mausoleum was built. Then what is the truth? Bhau spent his life in village or died in the third battle of panipat.

If you want to know more about Sadashivrao Bhau then you must watch the panipat movie.

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