Om Banna, The Bullet Baba & the temple of bike :

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India is famous for mysterious places and stories. It is popular for culture and history.
Indian has many historical places which is popular in the world. If you’re planning to visit the Rajasthan then, you must visit the temple of om banna. I know, after reading the title you’re very excited to read about Bullet Baba. Every Indian know about the bullet Baba. In Pali, Rajasthan there is a temple of om banna and his Royal Enfield 350. Many vehicle drivers believe that, if you visit this temple before passing. The soul of om banna protects them from accident. So, let start!

About the temple :

Image credit : wikimedia commons

The temple is located in the Pali district, Rajasthan, India. In this temple, there is the idol of om banna and his bullet 350. The best time to visit this temple is in cold weather. Because, the temperature is very high in Rajasthan. Many people belives that the temple is very important for them. They comes regularly here. In this temple, there is idol of om banna, his bike bullet 350 is kept in the glass box. Even this temple has the priest. villagers says, om banna protects them from accidents. This temple is made where the om banna died. Truckers or many passing people tells that, they saw om banna and he talked with them.

About Om Banna :

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This amazing temple is dedicated to Om Banna. young Rajput youth called as “Banna” in Rajasthan. Om Banna is the son of Jog Singh Rathod who is the head of the chotila village. In 1988, Om Banna died in road accident.

Story of Om Banna :

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On 2 December 1988, Om Singh Rathod was traveling from bangdi, Pali to chotila. According to village people, Om Banna was coming back from his wife’s home to chotila village. When he came to chotila village, he saw someone on road, to save him he turn the bike on other side of the road, but unfortunately, he hit to truck and after that to the tree. Om Banna was sent to hospital, but he died on spot because Accident was so dangerous.

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After that, police came to inspect the situation, then his bike (Royal Enfield 350) was taken to the police station. But in the morning bike was parked on accident spot, police take the bike to the police station again, and tied with chain and parked with the empty petrol tank. But again in the morning bike was parked on the accident spot. It starts happening again and again. This new is spread in nearby villages and people starts to visit the site. Police and villagers started thinking how bike was coming again and again on accident spot? After some days, some people said they have seen Om Banna with his bullet 350. Sometimes he takes lift from the passing vehicles and tells them to stop the vehicle on accident spot and blow the horn. After blowing horn, Om Banna was suddenly disappeared. He protects people from the accidents and saving thier lives. Many accidents are happend on same place before Om Banna’s accident. Om Banna’s soul was protecting people. So, villagers decided to make the temple of Om Banna and his Royal Enfield bike. after making the temple, the idol of om banna was made and his bike kept in the square glass box. It is said that, Om Banna protects them and thier village. People, passing trucks, foreigners, visitors are visits this temple and takes a look of temple. It is said that Om Banna using his bike.

About Om Banna’s bike :

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Om Banna’s bike is Royal Enfield 350 (RNJ 7773). His bike was kept in the box of glass. His bike is decorated with flowers.

Villagers :

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Villagers tells that Om Banna’s temple was very important for them. They tells that, Om Banna was god for them. He saving lives of villagers from any cause. Even his temple has separate priest. Devotees visits the temple, Blow thier heads and offers respect to Om Banna and his bike. They apply “tilak” to the bike and ties a red thread on the bike. Also, they offers a bottle of alcohol. Local people sings the song of Om Banna. Daily prays are done to the Om Banna by villagers and travellers.

image credit : ohmyrajasthan

Other :

If you are interested to visit this temple, then you have to visit the Pali district, Rajasthan, India. All transport modes are available to reach the temple. You can go by railway, buses, or your private vehicle. It is one of the historical places in India.

This temple was shown on many TV Channels like discovery, history TV, etc. The story of Om Banna was shown in the famous show of India “Mano Ya Na Mano”.
So, this is the blog of Om Banna. We hope you like it. Thanks for reading!

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