Mystery of Shani Shinganapur : village of homes without doors! LETS FIND OUT THIS MYSTERIE

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Hi users! Today we are going to tell you about the mysterious village located in the Maharashtra. Can u sleep without lock the doors of house? Yes! The Houses in this village has no doors. People of this village belives that God Shani protects them from any mischievous occurrence. There is no thievery and no burglary was reported. The village name is “Shani Shinganapur”. This village is famous in all over India. Many reasearchers comes here to see this miracle. And to know the full story behind this. In this village there is temple of God Shani. This temple is shown on channel like History TV, discovery, mano ya na Mano.

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Where is the village?

Shani Shinganapur village is located nevasa taluka, ahmednagar district, Maharashtra state, India. It is 35 km from Ahmednagar city.

Story behind this village :

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Once a shepherd was going from his daily route. He seen a black stone on the road. So, he touched the stone with pointed rod. After that, the black stone was started bleeding. Shepherd stared thinking that how it’s possible? So, he called villagers to show them what is happening. All villagers started visiting the place. On the same night, the god Shanaishwara appeared in shepherd’s dream. The god shanaishwara told him that, he was shanaishwara. And the black stone was Swayambhu (self evolved deity). Shepherd asked him that he should construct the temple for them? The god shani said, There is no need of roof, sky is his roof. The god shani promised that whole village have no fear of any devoirs, thieves. So, there is no roof on temple.

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Temple is in open yard. Since there is no doors to any houses, temples, shops. Also post offices has no doors. Daily thousands of devotees visits Shani Shingnapur praying for lord shani’s favour. This temple is also known as “jagrut devsthan”(alive temple). According to villagers, if anyone attempting theft, then god shani punishes them.

Entry to women :

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Entry is restricted to women in inner sanctum. On January 26, 2016, a group of women tried to enter in this temple but they are stopped by police. As per 400 year tradition, women is not allowed to enter in this temple. After that, bombay high court asked Maharashtra government to ensure that women are not denied entry to any temple. On 8 April, 2016, the Shani Shingnapur trust final allowed women devotees to enter in sanctum.

About temple :

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In this temple, a five and half feet black rock was installed in open yard, which symbolises god Shanaishwara. On the south side, there is a image of Nandi (bull). Daily 30-45k devotees visits this temple. Sometimes it is also 100k.

UCO Bank :

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Also, there is a United Commercial (UCO) Bank. It is India’s first bank without doors and locks. This Bank has doors due to central government of India has made it mandatory to have high security.

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