Floating pillars of Lepakshi

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We have visited many temples in our life. Many temples are famous for thier designs, structures, etc. But, in today’s blog, we are going to know about the most amazing temple of india. This temple located in Andhra Pradesh, India & it is famous for the floating pillars. Tourists and reasearchers visits this temple to know about the pillar.

this temple was made in 16th century. It is also known as Lepakshi temple. It is specially made in vijaynagara architecture style. This temple features many sculptures like dancers, musicians, god, goddesses, etc. Best painting art was done in the temple.

Truth :

the pillar of this temple is famous in the world for floating in the air. It is said that, it was done when the british engineer tried to uncover the truth behind this floating pillar. But it is an unsuccessful attempt. Many people comes from many countries to know about this pillars. It is (temple) built in total 70 stones including one stone was hanging in celling. Many people pass the small objects like sheet paper, clothes from one side to another side of this pillar.

How it is built?

It is built by two brothers viranaa and virupanna. They were the governors of the vijaynagar empire of king achutarya. It is also said that the jatayu of Ramayana was fell here after he loose the battle with the king of lanka, ravana. It is also known as the historical place.

Mysteries :

There is some big footprints behind this temple. according to the village people, the god Prabhu Shriram came here and meet jatayu after he fell to the ground. Jatayu told them about king ravana. Jatayu was fell in this village after the battle.

Stories :

the british government decided to make some repairs in this temple, they try to remove this pillar, but it was impossible for them. So, they left this floating pillar in this position. The pillars of this temple was made to resist the earthquake.

Location :

This amazing temple was located in the Lepakshi village, ananthapura district, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is 110 km from the bangalore.

statues :

There is a huge statue of Nandi, which is 200m from temple. It was 20 feet in height and 30 feet in length. It is made from the granite. This (Nandi) statue was faces to the another famous statue.

About floating pillar :

If you examine closely, you will see the pillar is lightly and hardly touches to the ground. It is one pillar in temple which is floating in the air. if you love to travel, then you can visit this temple in your lifetime.

This pillar is actually floating in the air, it is an another amazing place in India. The Lepakshi village is culturist, historical. And this village is famous for this temple.

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