The unsolved mystery of 6 inch human / alien skeleton that caused a huge issue

Pic credit : Carl Zimmer , the new York times magazine

About 20 years ago , some rumours began to spread as one of the known exploration expert and historical graduate miaòn bhaav (miaòn bwàv) from Vietnam found a six inch skeleton in well preserved condition , it was identical to ALIEN all of this secret got revealed………

Image source : sirius Disclosure

The appearance of this mummified skeleton was similar to that of a alien figure that we pretend to be existing .so for long period of time the belief was it belongs to some advanced interplanetary species . There were many rumours about alien invasion or interplanetary war of human kind with another species . Some people claimed to seem a large UFO over long periods and the case was getting worse with passing of time . So the local government and authorities decided to test the skeleton and further investigate the incident.The local residents were leaving the location due to their believe that the curse of the skeleton may bring sickness or unfortunate things in their lives . People were soo terrified that they started protesting and making a movement for respectfully restoration or rehabilitation of skeleton in their place .Residents were leaving their grown farm crop and livestock animals as it is for safety of their life . Many of livestock died due to hunger , starving till their death . But the question was still there , unanswered like it was …..After this much blunder and protesting issue they decided to test the skeleton and reveal the mystery behind it . Testing team was assigned withing days and the test was conducted in highly secured area , with no interfere or any other local civilian in military protection . The civilian were strictly prohibited due to security reasons and possibility of riots or protests that may cause disturbance or interference in the investigation reportsTHE INVESTIGATION WAS SHOCKING!!! After taking x-ray images and many other high – tech test it was revealed that it was not a interplanetary creature , instead it was a human skeleton .BUT , if it was a human skeleton how it was that much small , why it was like that and how it was preserved so good over this much long period of time ,and still how any human skeleton was going to be just 6 INCH TALL as the lowest ( average ) height of human new born is around 12 inches .So , even it was of human being how it was that small ?
This is even worse , there are many abnormal things about the skeleton.the INVESTIGATION REPORT revealed some amazing and weird things about that human skeleton- it had 10 ribs instead of 12 in normal human being- it was just 6 INCH TALL , instead 12 inch Normal size of human new born
– it was skeleton of new born baby girl which was abnormal
– it had some disorders regarding genetics and genetic mutation
– the disorder was one of its kind and never documentation around any of medical literature
– the skull of skeleton was pointy at back side instead of being round
– the ratio of bones to each other was extremely different
– the eye sockets were bigger than its mouth Still the mystery is unsolved and there is no satisfying explanation , it’s just bunch of theories and other unproven things
The question are still unansweredWhat was that ?How it got that shape ?If it was disorder then why it’s not repeated in this huge population ?How it was so well preserved ?How it’s bone got irrelevant shape ?Why advanced science can’t answer this ?Was it a alien skeleton ?The mystery is still unsolved ,
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  1. That may be a human skeleton why dont you think its a disease and made the child die soon after birth and people may not revealed because of their prestige or value of them in society and buried it if we think it as a alien till now there would be a universal war with earth its impossible to get some space object into earth surface due to gravity and coming to structure if it was alien due to atmosphere the body along with skeleton would be burnt in air itself and that too this small size body cant reach safely so no need to worry and if its a disease it doesnt passed to next generation or observed in others because that type disease are occured when proper copy of chromosomes from parents doesnt occurs and it is not obsrved in others because it not happens in all cases if happens the same structure is not observed such cases of differently structured people born out of some crore people one so no need to worry

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