How to make money online from home $1000 to $5000 monthly (2020) part 1 :

Online work is the best way to earn from home but it is not done in one day. It needs patience and struggle. If you have to do part time, full time, after all, it depends on you. There are many ways to earn online, but there are some genuine ways to make money online. today we are going to tell you different ways to earn $1000 to $5000 monthly. There are many ways to earn online. Why we are wasting time by using social media. Make social media is your earning source. So, let’s get started!!

1. Amazon affiliate :

Amazon affiliate means the famous e-commerce website allows you to sell thier products, and get  commission upto 2% to 7% on each product.

First of all, you have to visit the Amazon associates, then sign up and create your id. Now you all set to start. After that you have to choose the products as per your choice. Then you have to sell it through your id (Amazon affiliate id).
                               It is a best way to earn from home. It is like a job from home. You can do this at any time (24/7). Many peoples are earning from Amazon associates min $700 to $2000 monthly. It is used around the world to get extra online income.

👉 Steps :

1. First, you have to create Amazon associates id.
2. Then choose the products you have to sell.
Like health, beauty, fashion, etc.
3. Write a review about your products on your blog, website, etc. (Detailed info below)
4. Create a short link of Amazon product.
5. Provide that link to the audience through your platform.
6. If your audience clicks on your link and buys a product, then you’ll get commission.
(Every product has different comission rates)
7. All set!!

👉 How to build audience :

1. You can create websites or start writing blogs about your products on blogger.
2. Promote your products on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.
3. Create your account on Instagram, write short information about your products and target the audience
4. Share your products to your family, friends, etc.
5. Promote your products on ad networks (search on Google) you can target your audience by country.
6. Create channel on YouTube and tell about your products to the people.
(You will not get success in one day. But definitely one day).

👉 Platforms :

1. Websites
2. Social media
3. Blogger
4. Ad networks
5. YouTube & many more


2. Websites :

Website is also best way to earn online. Many YouTubers bloggers are earning online by creating websites and showing ads to the traffic (people comes on website). There are many ad networks in the market. But some ads on top like Google AdSense and website owners use these ads on the website. But there is many ad networks. You can try any ad network which is correct for your niche.

                       There are many websites like educational sites, downloading sites, gaming sites, tech sites, beauty sites, fashion sites, etc. You can provide your knowledge on your website, no matter which knowledge you are providing. There is many sites provides people what they want. You have to find the people’s needs and share knowledge about that.

👉 How to create websites? :

There are too many websites creating options in the market. But according to our experience, we will suggest you two better options.

1. Developer :
If you have better budget to hire the website developer, you can create website with the help of developer.

2. WordPress :
WordPress is the website creation tool. Where all websites are ready with coding, you  just have to edit the website as
you want. (You don’t need developer in WordPress). WordPress is easy to understand the website creation.

👉 Audience :

Audience depends on your website content. If you have great content and daily updates of post then after writing 20-25 posts audience will start coming to your website. If you once have better audience support like min daily 2k to 10k audience. You can apply to ad networks.
                       To get ads on your site, it is important to people comes automatically to visit your site and read your posts. If you are taking audience from social media, family and friends, then it is not good.

3. Social media :

You can also earn from the social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. Many peoples are earning from social media. It’s not like you will start and get money. You have to struggle. People who give up easily, they can’t do this.

👉 Instagram :

To earn from Instagram you need a huge amount of followers. Then after getting popular on Instagram. Peoples, brands and many promotions will comes to you.
For example, the celebrities on Instagram makes huge money from Instagram by making collaborations with brands or making promos. Models are also earning on Instagram.

👉 Facebook :

Facebook is also the best way to earn. You can create Facebook account and entertain people by posting funny videos or photos. After reaching best amount of followers/Audience you can monetize your account for ads and start earning.

👉 YouTube :

YouTube is the great platform to start earning. You can see, many YouTubers sharing problem solutions or tutorials.
For example, if we have any problem we will go to YouTube to see the solution. By sharing solution or posting some entertaining videos on YouTube you will rich a great amount of subscribers/audience. After completing the conditions of YouTube, you can monetize your channel and start showing ads on your channel, after that, you will start earning.


4. :

Now you have a question, what is freelancer? Let’s begin.

Freelancer is the online platform where you can earn money by completing the projects by  using your talent and speciality. There are too many projects on freelancer. Many projects are uploads daily on freelancer from world. You can choose any work you can do. You have to sign up on first on thier website. But before that, you have to read the important points below :

👉 Correct information :

First of all, you need to know your talent, category. Freelancer is the platform where you can work by using your talent and power.

👉 Sign up :

First you need to sign up and complete your profile. You have to fill all the details. They ask for which work you can do? Which category you want? So, first you have to fill all the details. On this details, employers gives the projects which matches thier category.

👉 Category :

On freelancer, there is around 750+ categories like marketing, accounting, etc. You have to choose your category according to your speciality. It helps to get the projects.

👉 Projects, payments :

Before starting the project, you have to make the terms and conditions aggrement between employer and you. After that, you have to complete this project before deadline. You can receive your payments through PayPal, wire transfer, etc.

👉 Feedback :

You must notice that, after completing the project and receive the payments you need to get feedback from the employer. Receiving 5 star feedback for your work is very important. Feedback is the better way to rank on thier website.

It is the best way to make money online from home. You can do this work at anytime 24/7.
They also have customer support. You can ask your querries to them.

5. :

Fiverr is also popular and free online earning platform. You can do this online work part time, full time, depends on you. On this platform, you will join the employers around the world. They post their work or project to complete online. Every project has price you can increase or decrease them by communicating with the employer. It has audience from around the world. You have to just sign up and fill the details. You have to choose correct category according to your speciality and talent.
                     After completing your profile you can choose any work which suits you. There are many work like, video editing, website designing, app devloping, article writing. You have to bid the project, complete the work before deadline, submit your work to employer. Receive your payments and get feedback. It is the best way to make money online. This platform is trusted and used in many countries.

👉 Payments :

You can receive your payments from PayPal, wire transfer, etc. Minimum payment threshold is $5. After deducting thier commission they will send you payment.

👉 Audience :

Fiverr has global audience and it is used in many countries around the world. It is trusted and easy to use. Daily project are posted on fiverr and many people complets the work and receive thier Payments.

👉 Support :

They have better customer support around the world. You can contact them if you have any problem.

(So, this is the part 1. part 2 coming soon, stay turned!) These are some trusted and mostly used ways to make money online. If you have any queries then you can comment below.

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