How to grow on Instagram? How to earn from Instagram?

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Instagram is third biggest social media platform in the world. It connects you to the world. In today’s article, we will talk about some tips and tricks about grow on Instagram easily. “Empires are not build in one day, but it will be build definitely one day”.
Everyone wants to get huge amount of followers and famous on Instagram. But you have to know about Instagram influencer.

👉 What is Instagram influencer?

Instagram influencer is an famous and public figure model or celebrity. It is an person who have huge followers figure. They makes money from getting sponsorship and doing products advertisement on thier official Instagram account. Instagram influencers account verified by Instagram. Because of Instagram verification they get their official identity on Instagram. For example, Like Virat Kohli, Cristiano Ronaldo, and many more celebrities and models advertise the products and make millions. To get Instagram influencer you must have public support and you must be verified by Instagram.

👉 How to become Instagram influencer?

To become an Instagram influencer, you must have special talent, identity in society, you need public support. these are the steps below to reach the milestone!

1. Create Instagram id :

Create your Instagram id and it must be legal. If it is created for non legal purposes, then it would be banned by Instagram.

2. Write attractive bio :

Write attractive lines and description in your bio. Bio is the main identity of Instagram account. First of all, people will read your bio, and judges your personality.

3. Set professional profile pic & posting :

You have to post the best and clean photos of you or related to your work. And also set the attractive pic to your profile, because it will attract users to follow.

4. Be active on Instagram :

If you are mostly active on your Instagram account and share the posts related to your work, then people will join you and after sometime you will have community. But don’t keep your account inactive. Because of that, people will unfollow you if they not get the content.

5. Reach the people :

(A) Without spending money :
If you want to get famous fastly, then you have to follow the people, they will follow you back. Some of them will unfollow you. For  example, if you will follow 10 people, then 6 of them will follow you back. because, everyone has to get huge amount of followers.
(B) By spending money :
It means take the shoutout (promotion) on big pages or Instagram account to reach the people. It will boost your process.

Choice is yours!

6. Likes & Shares :

It is the main and important thing in the Instagram. If you are getting huge amount of likes and shares on your posts then it will help you to rank on Instagram. And also rank on search page.

7. Business or professional account :

Your Instagram account must be business or professional to get the sponsorships and product advertisements. It is important to show your statistics of your Instagram account.

8. Instagram account content :

Your Instagram account content must be clean and realatable to your account. If you post the content against the Instagram policy, then your account will be suspended immediately and may be permanently.

9. Patience :

It is the main factor of process, many people complets thier 80% work, but leaves it for 20% because they are not getting success. And some of them struggle hard and keeps the patience. And they achieves thier target.
Every work takes time.

10. Engagement rate :

You have to keep more engagement with people by postnig content daily. By talking with them. By asking them that which type of content they wants to see on your account. What you have to change in your account. Take suggestions from them.

👉 Do :

1. Post content regularly
2. Content must be non reportable
3. Daily posting
4. Go live
5. Contact for sponsorships
6. Give contact information in account bio
7. Take suggestions from experts
8. Use related hashtags in posts
9. Use standard words
10. Change password weekly

👉 Don’t :

1. Don’t forget to post the content
2. Don’t use wrong hashtags
3. Don’t be careless
4. Don’t take gap between posting
5. Don’t use low quality pics

So, this is the information we have shared from our personal experience. It is posted to help our users to grow fastly on Instagram and make money. We respect our users!

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