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91. Most expensive house ~

Most expensive house in the world is owned by mukesh ambani in India of US $1-2 billion dollars.

92. WiFi ~

Aluminium foil can be used to increase the speed of your WiFi.

93. Elephant ~

An elephant’s truck contains over 4000 muscles. The entire human body has fewer than 850.

94. Hogwarts express ~

The Hogwarts express from Harry Potter is real train in Scotland.

95. Sahara desert ~

It snowed in Sahara desert for 30 minutes on 18th February, 1979.

96. Natural gas ~

Natural gas is odourless. The smell is artificially for safety reasons.

97. Rudolf diesel ~

Rudolf diesel, who invented “diesel engine”, committed suicide in 1913 because he didn’t think his invention would be successful.

98. Bear Grylls ~

Bear Grylls hold the world record for the highest open air formal dinner party, held in a hot air balloon at 7600m.

99. Japan ~

In Japan, people don’t use signatures. They use stamps called hanko and every individual in Japan has  one.

100. Traffic fines, Finland ~

Traffic fines in Finland aren’t fixed like in the rest of the world, instead they are based on driver’s monthly income.

101. Video games ~

Video games helps train the brain to make faster and real life decisions.

102.  Smoking ~

Apple is the popular company in the world. Smoking near apple products voids there warranty.

103. View of water ~

Living with a view of water can make you calm, happier and more creative.

104. Mr bean ~

Mr bean got rejected by many TV shows due to speaking disorder and stammering. Then he started his show “Mr bean” which became a global success.

105. Dinosaurs ~

When dinosaurs were alive there were 370 days in a year.

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