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76. Tom & Jerry ~

Tom and Jerry is the famous cartoon of all time. The final episode of the famous cartoon Tom and Jerry ended on which both committed suicide.

77. Queen Elizabeth ~

The Queen of UK is legal owner of one-sixth part of earth’s land surface.

78. Nestle ~

Nestle has sold over 200 flavours of kit-kat bars in Japan, including soy sauce, creme brulee, green tea and banana.

79. China ~

In China, teachers allow children to sleep in class for 20 minutes to learn better.

80. Stephen Hawking ~

Stephen Hawking was born on the same day Galileo died and died the same day Albert Einstein was born. He is the one of the great scientists in the world.

81. YouTube ~

At YouTube headquarters, employees can either take the elevator, stairs or a big slide.

82. Hairstylist ~

Every Sunday, this New York hairstylist named “Mark Bustos” gives free haircuts to the homeless.

83. Bananas ~

Eating 2 bananas before 60 minutes of gym will provide you enough energy for 90 minutes intense workout.

84. Puma and Adidas ~

The creator of Puma and the creator of Adidas were brothers.

85. Japan ~

Japan is making all of the medals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics out of discarded smartphones and laptops.

86. Empty book ~

There is book called “Everything men know about women” that is just 120 pages blank.

87. Charlie Chaplin ~

Charlie Chaplin once anonymously entered a Charlie Chaplin look like contest and came third.

88. Pencil ~

The average pencil holds enough graphite to draw a line 35 miles (56km) long.

89. Paul Walker ~

Over 30 cars from Paul Walker’s warehouse were reported stolen within 24 hours of his death.

90. Chocolate milk ~

A study found that, chocolate milk performs better than energy drinks.

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