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31. Japan library hotel ~

Japan has a library hotel, where you can sleep in book shelves. This will ever book lovers paradise.

32. Lamborghini and Ferrari ~

Lamborghini was founded when Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari insulted Ferrucio Lamborghini calling him a tractor mechanic who knows nothing about cars.

33. Tim sweeny, fortnight Co-founder ~

Tim sweeny, Co-founder of fortnight, bought 193 acres of forest to stop deforestation, and also donated $15 million to protect 7000 acres of forest.

34. Gavin muro ~

Gavin muro, grows chairs on the tree. He makes chairs from branches of trees. He has demand from around the world.

35. Dubai police force ~

The police force in Dubai spends more on each thier super cars than it costs to send a child to college in the USA.

36. Bodhidharman ~

The founder of Shaolin kung fu in China is pallava prince called “bodhidharman” from South India.

37. Gustav gun ~

World’s biggest and most powerful gun ever built is the gustav gun. It is made when world War 2 is started.

38. Love at first sight ~

According to Reaserch, 8.2 seconds of eye contact is required “love at first sight” to happen.

39. Dubai McDonald cars ~

In Dubai, supercars like Lamborghini and Ferrari are used by McDonald’s for Mcdelivery.

40. Oreo design ~

Oreo is a popular cookie nowdays. But have you ever think that, it took 4 years to design the iconic Oreo design.

41. Nothing town, Arizona ~

There is a town in Arizona called nothing, and nobody lives there.

42. Medieval eltz castle, Germany ~

This is medieval eltz castle located in wierschme, Germany. It has been owned by the same family for 850 years and over 33 generations.

43. Train pushers, Japan ~

Train companies in Japan employ “pushers” to stuff people into train.

44. Thank you button, Finland ~

Some buses in Finland have a button to thank a driver.

45. Publishing book in Norway ~

If you publish book in Norway, the government will purchase 1000 copies and distribute them to libraries around the country.

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