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16. South Africa has 3 capitals ~

South Africa has 3 capitals.

a.Capetown (legislative capital)

b.Pretoria (administrative capital)

c.Bloemfontein (judicial capital)

Each hosting a separate segment of the nation’s government.

17. Amazon river meets black river ~

It is the eye satisfying moment for tourists. It is the place where Rio nergo and Amazon river meets.

18. Mid-air refueling ~

It is an process of transferring aviation fuel from one military aircraft to another during flight. Fuel is given from one plane to another in air. It is known as mid-air refueling.

19. abandoned village ~

It is China’s forgotten village swallowed by nature. Houtouwan was once a fishing village, it has population of 3,000 in 1980. Due to hard access of location, its residents started to move out in 1990.

20. Travellers T-shirt ~

A T-shirt with 40 icons called as iconpeak T-shirt, it has 40 icons to communicate with people due to unknown language. It has icons includes vehicles, hotel, etc.

21. VSP car ~

Anyone over 14 can drive a vsp car in France without license. License is not necessary for driving this car.

22. Morgan Freeman saves bees ~

Bees are important to provide the honey. Morgan Freeman converted his 127 acres of land into forest to save the bees. Man with golden heart!

23. World’s expensive dog ~

The world’s most expensive dog is Tibetan Mastieff. The price of this dog is $1.5 million. His hair looks like a lion and the tallest dog compared to other dogs.

24. Vaseline inventor ~

The inventor of Vaseline eats a spoonful Vaseline per day. This is an amazing relation between Vaseline and him.

25. Transparent car ~

Yes, the world’s first transparent car. Made from transparent material. This car was launched few months ago.

26. Youngest baby ~

You were the youngest baby for 0.25 second in the world. As in every 0.25 second a new baby is born.

27. Man made island ~

Palm Island, Dubai is the man made island. It is an best place to visit in holidays. Palm Island is the one of the best islands in the world.

28. Stephen king, the novelist ~

Stephen King, one of the greatest horror novelist sleeps with lights on. He writes horror novels but sleeps with lights on at night.

29. Goku as a brand ambassador ~

Goku is famous and popular cartoon of all time. He is connected with emotion of every 90’s kid. Now Goku is selected as brand ambassador for Tokyo Olympics 2020.

30. Beautiful horse in the world ~

A horse from Turkey declared beautiful horse in the world. He is beautiful and powerful horse from turkey. He has shining white colour and tall body.

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